Andalusian Guitars® Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Andalusian Guitars’® Limited Lifetime Warranty covers your guitar against defects in workmanship and issues related to the wood for as long as you own the guitar (provided you acquired it from an authorized Andalusian Guitars’® dealer and if you are the first owner) warranty is subject to the limitations set forth in this document. If service is required the guitar must be returned to the original, authorized Andalusian Guitars’® dealer. After that, the company will evaluate to determine whether the guitar should be returned to Andalusian Guitars® or not. Any work performed by unauthorized persons will void your warranty. The customers will pay freight and insurance charges on all returns plus tax (if applicable). Warranty claim should completed in 5 business days from the date the customer places the claim.

Warranty Limitations

Any instrument which is damaged due to misuse, neglect or accident.

Normal wear and tear including machine heads, worn frets, saddles and nuts.

Strings, and pick up systems if installed.

Any instrument that has been subjected to extreme changes in temperature or humidity levels.

Cracking or discoloration to the finish.

Andalusian Guitars’® assumes no liability for any loss of income, dissatisfaction, or damages arising from the use of this product due to defects or availability of the product during service.