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Francisco Simplicio 1932 Special Home Page
(woods 10 years aged)

Price:  € 3,000

Important Note: We will keep updating our site for with more pictures. Please visit the “What’s New Section”.

Standard Model Alternative Models
Natural Yellow Orange Red Natural Yellow Orange Red
1 1 1 1 1 coming... 1 1
FS1932-5-10-B FS1932-11-10-B FS1932-7-13-B FS1932-3-spruce-mahoganyb-mahoganyf-ovangkol-rednat-9-B FS1932-9-21-B   FS1932-10-16-B FS1932-6-15-B
  2 2   2     2
  FS1932-1-3-B FS1932-2-shinglewood-hayab- cherryf-jacaranda-orangenat-21-B   FS1932-8-24-B     FS1932-4-cedar-redwoodb-redwoodf-ovangkol-rednat-12-B

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