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NEW GENERATION Features of Andalusian Guitars®

1) Liberated Top (Enhanced vibration range)
liberated top 3 liberated top 1 liberated top 2 liberated top 4
2) Zero Fret (Improves tuning & favors even tone)
zero fret-charact-1 zero fret-charact- 2 zero fret-charact-3 zero fret-charact-4
3) Top Based on Francisco Simplicio`s Design
simplicio design 1-NEW-button simplicio design 2-NEW-button simplicio design 3-NEW-button simplicio design 4-NEW-button
simplicio design 5-NEW-button simplicio design 6-NEW-button simplicio design 7-NEW-button simplicio design 8-NEW-button
4) Carbon Fiber Right Hand Nut (Transmits sound faster than bone)
carbon fiber nut 1-NEW-button carbon fiber nut 3-NEW-button carbon fiber nut 2-NEW-button carbon fiber nut 4-NEW-button

5) New Fretboard Divison (Enhanced tuning capacity)

fretboard-division-2-NEW-button.jpg fretboard-division-1-NEW-button-rol fretboard-division-4-NEW-button.jpg
fretboard-division-5-NEW-button fretboard-division-3-NEW-button.jpg
6) Scalloped Fretboard (from 12th fret on - As protection for the top)
scalloped-fretboard-1-NEW-button-roll. scalloped-fretboard-2-NEW-button.jpg scalloped-fretboard-3-NEW-button.jpg scalloped-fretboard-4-NEW-button.jpg

7) Maple Neck (Stability and resonance)

flamed-maple-neck-1-NEW-button.jpg flamed-maple-neck-3-NEW-button.jpg flamed-maple-neck-2-NEW-button.jpg
8) Triple Sound Portal (Three-dimensional sound)
triple-sound-port-1-NEW-button triple-sound-port-2-NEW-button-roll triple-sound-port-3-NEW-button-roll triple-sound-port-4-NEW-button-roll
triple-sound-port-5-NEW-button-roll triple-sound-port-6-NEW-button-roll triple-sound-port-7-NEW-button-roll

9) Sound Portal (Expands acoustic possibilities)

sound-portal-1-NEW-button.jpg sound-portal-2-NEW-button.jpg sound portal 3

10) Extra Flat Bridge (Boost harmonics and percussive notes)

extra-flat-bridge-1-NEW-button.jpg extra-flat-bridge-3-NEW-button.jpg extra-flat-bridge-2-NEW-button.jpg extra-flat-bridge-4
11) Lifetime Warranty
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