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Model: Francisco Simplicio 1932-c
                 Double Back
                 with Symmetric Wittner Pegs*
Top: Norway Spruce
Bridge: Maple
Double Fingerboard: Bird’s Eye Maple
                                          and Naseberry
Neck: Flamed Maple
External Back: Cocobolo Rosewood
Internal Back: Brazilian Tulipwood
Sides: Persimmon
Color: Orange/Natural

Price:  3,000

*Visit Wittner Pegs Website HERE



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Alternative Model Suggestion
FS1932-10-1-B FS1932-10-2-B FS1932-10-3-B FS1932-10-4-B FS1932-10-5-B FS1932-10-6-B FS1932-10-7-B FS1932-10-8-B
FS1932-10-9-B FS1932-10-10-B FS1932-10-11-B FS1932-10-12-B FS1932-10-13-B FS1932-10-14-B FS1932-10-15-B FS1932-10-16-B
FS1932-10-17-B FS1932-10-18-B FS1932-10-19-B FS1932-10-20-B FS1932-10-21-B FS1932-10-22-B FS1932-10-23-B FS1932-10-24-B
FS1932-10-25-B FS1932-10-26-B FS1932-10-27-B          


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