Andalusian Guitars® Frequent Asked Questions


1.- What is the shipment process in term of safety of guitar? Do you have a safe method of packing to prevent handling damages? Do you provide hard case or boxes for international shipments?

Answer: To avoid any kind of accident, the guitar will be sent the guitar in its hard light travel case packed with bubble plastic in a box.

Shipment includes insurance, packing and transportation. And it will take about 3 to 4 days to arrive according to your place of residence.

2.- What is the process of purchasing online?

Answer: You will receive a digital PayPal invoice which you can pay with your credit card in a safe web environment.

3.- Will the invoice be sent via PayPal site?

Answer: Yes

4.-Do I get email from PayPal having advice for remittance?

Answer: Yes.

5.-How do you guys guarantee delivery of the instrument?

Answer: Once you have paid the digital PayPal invoice, you will receive from PayPal website a receipt as the proof of your payment.  Once your payment is received, we will let you know. The following day, after the guitar is shipped, you will receive the tracking number.

6.- Is there any chance of returning the instrument in a definite time frame?

Answer: Yes, you have 3 business days to return the instrument after you receive it. If you got the instrument under a special offer price, you will pay ALL shipment fees and customs tax if applicable. If you bought the guitar under catalog price, in case you want to return it, you need to pay the shipment for receiving the guitar at your address along with customs taxes if applicable, and Andalusian Guitars will pay the return shipment fees.

7.- In the Andalusian web page
( , it is stated :
“These guitars have Limited Lifetime Warranty.” What does it mean?

Answer: Please read the following link:

8.-What is your advice regarding humidity or dryness?

Answer: Our guitars are very  practical. In cold weather use a humidifier because heating in doors dries a lot the environment. So, just take care of humidity levels, buying a proper hygrometer to regulate humidity in the room where you keep the guitar and a good guitar humidifier.  Good humidity level is 45% to 55%.

9.-Who is an authorized distributor abroad?

Answer: Mr. Taro Tamura - Exclusive Distributor in Japan.