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Model: Marcelo Barbero 1942
Top: German Spruce
Bridge: Maple
Fingerboard: Triple Naseberry-Maple
Fretboard: Brazilian Naseberry
Neck: Lebanon Cedar
Back & Sides: Ash / Mountain Ash
Color: Yellow

Price:  €1,680

Customized features:

Mother Pearl Rosette - 100 euros
Wittner Pegs – 200 euros

You can order it with or without radius

Inquire for sound amplification



Standard Model Suggestion
Alternative Model Suggestion
MB1942-2-1-B.jpg MB1942-2-3 MB1942-2-4 MB1942-2-5 MB1942-2-6 MB1942-2-7 MB1942-2-8
MB1942-2-9 MB1942-2-10 MB1942-2-11 MB1942-2-12 MB1942-2-13 MB1942-2-14 MB1942-2-15 MB1942-2-16
MB1942-2-17 MB1942-2-18 MB1942-2-19 MB1942-2-20 MB1942-2-21 MB1942-2-22 MB1942-2-23


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